Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! We not only work with fashion brands all across the US. but in many other countries around the world. If we are sourcing for you we make it very simple. Two identical fabric & trim books are created and well labeled. One is sent to you, and the second stays with us. Once you receive your materials, you’ll hop on the phone with our sourcing specialists to review and select your materials.

Product Development time can vary drastically depending on how much information the brand brings to us. One way to increase speed and efficiency is to know exactly which styles you will be producing, have clear information on your desired fit as well as artwork files vectorized and ready to be sent for printing or label creation. If you have specific deadlines for your development, make sure to let us know and we will map out a timeline for completion together. Its best to be proactive and leave yourself with at least two months for development of a collection. Rushing something creative is never a good idea.



Our Minimum Order Quantity for production of most styles is 50 units per style/color. Garment complexity, as well as the availability of fabric desired, are other things that influence minimums. Send in a finished sample as well as order information for a quick quote from us!


It depends on what is being made and the types of specific modifications being made but in general all apparel gets completed on an average of 18-25 workingdays.
The team also works weekends to complete projects faster.

  1. Costing – A finished sample as well as a pro forma purchase order filled out are required. In order to provide an accurate quote knowing that you will have 2 labels instead of 3 or that your prints are 12X14 inches with 1 color or that your sewing will be flat-lock instead of reverse cover-stitch. These details are what we base our pricing on. Help us help you!
  2. Once we know exactly what you will be producing we provide a quote and lead times
  3. You pay 50% deposit for your order
  4. We source materials for approval from you
  5. Materials are ordered
  6. We make PPS (Pre Production Samples) for approval
  7. Production
  8.  Remaining 50% of balance is due upon delivery of your product.

*** Step 1:

  • Visit our website to choose the style of product and submit a REQUEST FOR A FREE GRAPHIC DESIGN online Or email us any design you like (include your name, color, and logo with your email)
  • Our design team will email you your free mock-up within 24 hours. Once you approve the final mock-up and you are ready to order, email us your roster with the info (clothing sizes, numbers, name (if applicable).
  • When replying to the email please also include the following information: Your name and shipping address, need by date.

*** Step 2:

  • After we receive your roster, your invoice will be created and emailed to you. Please review it and when you are ready to make the payment you can use the payment options located on your invoice to pay online or you can contact our customer service to pay via credit/debit card. We accept the payment options below:
  1. Credit/Debit card (visa/master/American)
  2. Bank Wire Transfer
  3. Money Gram
  4. Western Union
  5. Paypal
  6. Payoneer

*** Step 3:

  • After we receive your payment, we will send your Order Detail within 24 hours or less. Please review it and reply to our email confirming that your ORDER DETAIL is correct or we need to make any changes. Once you confirm the Order Detail, we will start your order and any last changes may not be possible for us to do. Tracking number(s) for your order will be emailed to you once we ship out your order or contact our customer support to check on the status of your order
  • We also offer 100% OFF ON CUSTOM UNIFORM SAMPLE. If you order your own customized sample uniform, we will apply the 100% refund for the cost of the sample towards your next invoice, when you place the whole order. (7-10 day turnaround time for bulk order).

** For questions and information regarding our policy for returns, corrections, exchanges, graphics/designs, cancellations, credit/payment, check, processing/shipping time, uniform care instructions, and additional add-on orders.

Online Inquiry: Please visit our site at sportsoutlines.com or you can send your questions via email at conatact@sportsoutlines.com (7 days a week).

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